Across the Expanse of Jewish Thought

From the Holocaust to Halakhah and Beyond

By Hillel Goldberg

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 320

ISBN: 9781602804616

Ktav Publishing House

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Tradition Review 

Drawing on Isaiah Berlin’s inferential essay, “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” Hillel Goldberg opens this volume: “By commitment I am a hedgehog – I believe in a single central principle, the Torah. By temperament I am a fox, drawn to the wide Jewish intellectual horizon, buoyed by its diversity and ever-expanding reach.” The kaleidoscopic breadth of Jewish thought marks this volume on prayer, biblical interpretation, musar, theology, and biography – tributaries highlighting the mainstream, halakhah. Goldberg treats halakhah not as a concept but via its “small letters,” exemplified in the laws of mikveh and expressed in “Philosophy of Halakhah: The Prism of Mikveh” and “The Vilna Gaon’s Codes.” Goldberg draws on his prior work on cross-cultural Jewish thinkers from Eastern Europe to gather multiple voices of Jewish thought under the canopy of the whole.