A World Built, Destroyed and Rebuilt

By Yehudah Amital

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Sixty years after the annihilation of European Jewry, the philosophical and existential confrontation with the memory of the Holocaust is only intensifying. In this context, there is particular significance to the views of thinkers who experienced the horrors of the Holocaust first-hand.
Rabbi Yehudah Amital, who has served for almost forty years as head of one of Israel's leading yeshivot, Yehivat Har Etzion, is a Holocaust survivor. Throughout his career, he has attempted to address the Holocaust and its ramifications on both the educational and spiritual levels. Rabbi Amital's confrontation with the memory of the Holocaust is characterized by authenticity, honest and courage.
This book analyzes his original religious approach, against the background of other views, especially those of his fellow Religious Zionists. This powerful work presents the reader with the direct and painful grappling of a trailblazing educator and thinker with the most terrible event in human history.