A Girl From There

By Chava Nissimov

Translated by Dvora Bekker Aviezer and Linda Stern

Illustrated by Ofra Amit

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 106

ISBN: 9789655242218


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The short, concise stories are made up of the memory fragments of a girl who grew up in the shadows of war and persecution. the subtle and delicate language reflects a difficult and isolated reality and is accompanied by illustrations which complete the somber atmosphere, suggestive of a dream. The journey begins with a small baby covered with flakes of whitewash when a bomb explodes beside her. "My mother doesn't know whether I am alive or dead. While the bombing continues, she takes me up to our apartment, fills the bathtub and dips all of me into the cold water. I immediately begin to move my arms and legs. I smile." This is the story of the "white baby" who was born into an intolerable and lawless world. It is tale of a childhood in which "hide and seek" is life's reality and not a game, and the word "mother" is both luxury and longing. Chava Nissimov was born in1939 in Warsaw, Poland. She escaped from the ghetto with her mother and grew up "behind the wardrobe" during World War II, and later as a "golah-child" on a kibbutz. She has an academic education, is active in a number of communal projects and works in an organization that helps holocaust survivors claim their reparations. She is the mother of two sons and a daughter, and has three grandchildren. Ofra Amit is an illustrator who has won numerous international prizes, including the prestigious Andersen prize, as well as Israeli awards. Dvora Bekker Aviezer and Linda Stern translated from the original Hebrew.