The New Bar/Bat Mitzvah Maftir and Haftarah Book

The New Bar/Bat Mitzvah Maftir and Haftarah Book, edited by Hazzan Sheldon Levin in consultation with his Cantorial colleagues of the Cantors Assembly (co-publishers of the books). Unique features based on the triennial cycle. (Year 3 of the Maftir reading is the Traditional Maftir) The Torah script of the Maftir matches the script of the Torah line for line Large Hebrew type including darker markings for shva na and kamatz katan. Includes prayers that most synagogues require their students to learn All Hebrew is line-numbered for easy reference Includes Torah portion summaries Includes Haftarah introduction and translation in easy-to-read language Includes translations from Sol Scharfstein's, Torah and Commentary - The Five Books Of Moses Translation, Rabbinic And Contemporary Commentary