Shalom Hayman

picture of Rabbi Shalom Hayman  

Born in Calgary, Canada, in 1985, Rabbi Shalom Hayman is a graduate of Kinor David Yeshivah High School in Ateret. After two years of pre-military yeshivah studies in the B’nei David Mechinah in Eli, Shalom served in the IDF in G’dud Charuv, and then returned for extensive post-military Kollel Studies in Eli. Shalom holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Teacher’s Certificate from Moreshet Yaakov College in Rechovot. He has recently finished his Rabbinical “Yore Yore” ordination through the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and his now studying for advanced, municipal Rabbinical ordination and dayanut studies. Rabbi Hayman has served for four years as the “Safra D’Dayenei” – administrative coordinator of the Rabbinical Court in Eli, in addition to teaching in various capacities in the B’nei David Mechinah in Eli. He and his wife Orit have four children and reside in the Palgei Mayim neighborhood of Eli. His email is