Rashbam, Rabbi Shmuel ben Meir, was a French Tosefist of the 11th century. His mother, Yocheved, was the daughter of Rashi, and his father was Rabbi Meir, also known as the Ram. He was the brother of Rabbeinu Tam and the Rivam. 

While he used a different method of interpretation of texts from his grandfather, Rashi, he followed him as a biblical commentator and Talmudist. His commetary appears in tractate Bava Batra, where Rashi does not, as well as part of tractate Pesachim. Rashbam was also a great advocate for the Jewish people, representing the community in public debates with the church. 

Rashbam interpreted using peshat, the simple meaning of the Torah text. He was also a grape grower and tended to livestock.