Danit Shemesh

picture of Danit Shemesh  

Danit was born in Israel in 1962 but her family moved overseas when she was five years old, globetrotting through ten countries in Europe and then the States as her father chased governmental grants for cardiac research.  (Her father was instrumental in inventing the first cardiac imaging device.) 

Danit holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Fine Arts.  She married Yaacov, a former Israeli pilot fighter and the two became observant in Los Angeles.  Danit and her family made Aliyah eighteen years ago and never looked back.  Currently she runs an art studio from her home in Telzstone,  a Haredi yishuv outside of Jerusalem. She teaches Haredi women of all ages, helping them express their true voice through symbols and color.  Danit lectures in universities across the country providing secular students a new and different perspective on Judaism. She is a gestalt psychotherapist  aiding couples and individuals to find homeostasis in the midst of life's turmoil.

Danit is the mother of nine and the grandmother of three.