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Bonayich Educational Services (2004) is a family company founded and directed by Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman. Bonayich is chiefly known for its revolutionary curricula and methodologies for the study of Torah Sheb’al Peh in day schools, including the V’Shinantam Mishnah Program for the study of Mishnah and Torat HaTannaim in primary school years, and the V’Dibarta Bam Talmud Skills Program for the study of Torat Ha’Amoraim and full Talmud in secondary school years. Recently, Bonayich has produced the innovative “Pathways in Torah” program for adults, to enhance skills and capabilities of adults in the study of a variety of religious texts, with the “Pathways in Torah Sheb’al Peh” Series the first to appear.

Pathways in Torah Sheb’al Peh is available exclusively through Ktav Publishing.

Additional curricula and programs are on the drawing board, including “Pathways” series in Mikra, Aggadah, Jewish Philosophy and Halachah, and unique digital learning instruments for Mishnah and Talmud! For more information, write to