Daat Mikra

Da'at Mikra is a Biblical commentary series published by Mossad HaRav Kook, a Jerusalem based publishing company connected to Merkaz HaRav. Da'at Mikra commentaries combine traditional halachic understandings with the findings of modern research. The commentary is mainly based on Pshat, the literal reading of the text.

Yehuda Kiel was the head of the Da'at Mikra project, and received the Israel prize for his contribution. The editorial team also consisted of Yehuda Elitzur of Bar Ilan University, Bible scholar and International Bible Contest champion Amos Hakham, Sha'ul Yisra'eli and Mordechai Breuer.

The series uses the Aleppo Codex, authorized by Rambam for its basic text. The commentaries provide clarifications of difficult words and the history and origin of many words, especially place names. Each book of Tanach is divided into sections, introduced with a description of the contents of the section and other clarifications to assist the reader.

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