Who by Fire Who by Sword: The Journals of Four Courageous Jewish Women in Turbulent Times

By Orlander, Toby

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 255

ISBN: 978-965-524-134-1


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History has a way of repeating itself, and the sporadic persecution of the Jewish people has been popular with tyrants throughout history. Every epoch has had its heroes and heroines, and on these pages, you will be introduced to four amazing women: Dina – a very astute seventeen-year-old living in twelfth-century England, she helps her family escape to the Continent in the wake of the destruction rained down on the Jewish communities by the Crusaders. Freya – escaping the clutches of the evil Torquemada, this teenage girl and her family flee from Spain to Portugal, and finally reach relatively peaceful Antwerp. Tonya – whose mother died in childbirth, embarks on a dangerous quest to find her father in devastated Ukraine during the Cossack pogroms. Necha – a young bride. Her harrowing story involves the murder of most of her family and neighbors, and her fight for survival during the Holocaust. Learn about the terrible times in which these young women lived, and read about the faith and courage that saw them through their ordeals.