The Moral Act of Eating

By Deborah Jacobi

Format: HC

Pages: 192

ISBN: 978-1-56871-701-2

Targum Press

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Most are aware that what they eat impacts their physical health, but how does what we eat affect our soul and the rest of humanity?

Does it still really matter to Gd whether Jews keep kosher or not? Isn't food just food, provided for our sustenance and pleasure?  

Why did Gd deliberately form man with an essential need to partake of His creation, when He could have fashioned us without the need to eat anything at all?

The enlightened, Chassidic masters of old, provide numerous, thought-provoking insights into the sacred act of eating. Insights that give rise to a more holistic, wholesome life, whereby, we not only deepen our experience of eating, but also better affect the heavens and the earth.