The Intimate Act of Eating

By Deborah Jacobi

Format: HC

Pages: 152

ISBN: 978-1-56871-700-5

Targum Press

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We eat frequently, yet seldom consider why an omnipotent Gd would purposely form us with the need to eat in the first place. Gd not only provided an extensive, complex intestinal system, He also added intense feelings into the mix. Hunger, desire, pleasure, lust, and satisfaction all repeatedly center their hearty appetites around food. 

    We may, on occasion, take a sabbatical from work, but we can never take a sabbatical from eating, which raises the question as to which activity holds greater importance for Gd, successful work endeavors, or triumphant victories over our eating habits?  

     Was there a deeper, cosmic reason behind Gd's intent that we partake of His creation? This book explores the mystical, Divinely, inspired teachings of the Jewish, Chassidic masters. Their remarkable insights bring inspiration, greater discipline, and profound meaning to our every encounter with food.