Sarah’s Daughters Sing a Sampler of Poems by Jewish Women

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This first fruit of the Jewish Women's Poetry Project contains 180 poems by Jewish women singing the life of Jewish daughter, sister, wife, friend, lover; mother and ancestor of future generations; worshipper and questioner of God. The book opens with three triads: Lilith and Eve with Adam; Hagar and Sarah with Abraham; Leah and Rachel with Jacob. In the next section, themes taken from these lives find their counterpoint in the lives of women now. Rachel's hunger for a child echoes in the questions of a young woman considering insemination by an unknown donor. The sisterhood of Eve and Lilith, embodied in tomorrow's daughters, faces the sons of Adam and Abraham. These poems are robustly female and deeply Jewish. They tell of what it is to be a woman, a Jewish woman, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and in terms that both men and women can understand. More than sixty illustrations enhance the text