A Taste of Heaven

An in-depth look at the holiest day of the week, adapted from the vaadim of Rabbi Elchonon Meir Fishman

By Yoseph Koff

Format: Softcover

Pages: 121

ISBN: 978-156-871-576-6


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The day of Shabbos is like nothing in this world. It is Me’ein Olam Haba. Every Shabbos that we experience has the potential to take us beyond this world and give us a taste of heaven. However, we can only reach that level if we understand Shabbos properly. Shabbos can be compared to a diamond. Every time you hold a diamond up to the light you will see it differently than you did before. Each time you look at it you will discover another angle that will make you appreciate the diamond more than you did previously. The day of Shabbos, like a diamond, has many different aspects that one can look at. Every time you discover another level, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of Shabbos, the holiest day of the week. Each of those angles will give you a new appreciation of what Shabbos is. That is because the real beauty of Shabbos is the sum of all of its different facets. Join us as we go step by step and explore various angles of this precious diamond. By working to understand its many unique aspects we will increase our appreciation for Shabbos, and hopefully we will merit getting that Taste of Heaven every Shabbos for the rest of our lives.