A Tale that Shaped a Nation

By Shea Horovitz

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-56871-618-3


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Nations, like individuals, shape their dreams, determinations, hopes, and aspirations by the stories they hear and the tales they’re told. For the Jewish people, the great story has always been that of the Egyptian exodus. We tell it to our children before they are old enough to ask, and we continue to tell it until we gray with age. The wise and the simple, the sage and the layman, all tell the same tale. And it has had an impact on who we are today – it must have had!

A Tale that Shaped a Nation unlocks the hidden gems of the greatest tale – revealing for all, the detail and nuances that make us unique and chosen. A wise man once said “Judge a nation by the stories they tell.” He was right. Based on what we have achieved throughout our short existence, our story must be truly special.

About Shea Horovitz:

After immigrating to the USA [from the UK] a decade ago he hosted the popular radio show “Creating a Better World”. Currently, amongst various other commitments, he gives daily shiurim on Talmud and weekly classes on Judaic studies and Chumash. In an ever divided world he remains a rare speaker who is equally listened to by the orthodox right and the liberal left; always leaving his listeners intellectually richer and morally better. “A Tale that Shaped a Nation” is his first book to be published.